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An anime adaptation was announced on January 18, 2011. The series was produced at the studio LARC, directed by Keitaro Motonaga, and the scripts are by Katsuhiko Takayama. The anime premiered on AT-X on October 1, 2011. Sentai Filmworks license the series in North America. The series was simulcasted through the Anime Network as well as being streamed on Hulu, then released on home video in 2012.

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Anime series of majikoi

Episode List

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Anime Trivia:

  • The anime follows the climax of Momoyo's route of the original Majikoi series , there are a few differences when comparing to the manga and the novel .
  • Instead of Otome Kurogane, Matsunaga Tsubame appears during the Kawakami war. Also in the novel and manga she already knew all the Big four members. But in the anime she didn't know Matsunaga was a member.
  • In the Manga and Novel Momoyo accept Yamato's Confession whereas in the anime she rejects him.
  • In a certain episode when Yukie,Chris,Miyako and Kazuko fought Momoyo for Yamato's affection they all stated the reason why each of them love him but it wasn't proven properly why and only refers to the events of the Visual Novel
  • Most of the outfits in the Anime were altered from the Visual Novel like Miyako and Momoyo with their T-shirts' prints removed and Kokoro with her Kimono's design vastly altered

Episode Summary

No. Title Original airdate
01 "Do Bring it on Seriously!!"

"Maji de Watashi ni Kakatte Kinasai!!"(真剣で私にかかってきなさい!!)

October 2, 2011
The episode starts with the "Kawakami War", between the class 2-F and their rival class 2-S. At first, all is going well for class 2-F until Momoyo, one of the "Big Four" in the martial arts world arrived. Luckily, Yamato already prepared a countermeasure for her and that is, the remaining three members of the "Big Four". In the end class 2-F wins as Capt. Kazama, managed to beat class 2-S's main commander before Momoyo defeated the rest of the "Big Four". The episode ends with Yamato confessing to Momoyo the 2nd time, only to get turned down again. Miyako, upon seeing this, decides that it's time to "capture" Yamato's heart and the rest of the girls realize this as well. 
02 "Seriously, Complete your duties!!"

"Maji de Ninmu o Kanryō Shinasai!!"(真剣で任務を完了しなさい!!)

October 9, 2011
Yamato and friends search for their Teacher's dog (Who looks just like him and is some kind of ninja or escape artist) and wind up in the middle of a weapon warehouse. They are confronted by Mysterious Fighters and mobsters. The Girls manage to stave off the power of the criminals while Yamato watches and the criminals soon escape in a fiery explosion. While Yamato and company walk away unharmed, they soon remember what they were doing in the first place. Shoichi Kazama shows up out of nowhere with the dogs. Meanwhile with their destroyed warehouse, the criminals,(now unmasked), discuss an alternate way to get their weapons into the city. 
03 "Seriously, Get turned on by me!!"

"Maji de Watashi ni Moenasai!!"(真剣で私に萌えなさい!!)

October 16, 2011
Miyako and Yukie explain in excruciating details why they love Yamato, excruciating being the operative word here. 
04 "Seriously, Talk with me!!"

"Maji de Watashi to Katarinasai!!"(真剣で私と語りなさい!!)

October 23, 2011
Christiane and Kazuko talk about how they feel about Yamato, with Yamato trying to convince Chris that it is okay to be seen in the nude. 
05 "Seriously, Get Angry at Me!!"

"Maji de Watashi ni Okorinasai!!"(真剣で私に怒りなさい!!)

October 30, 2011
Yamato challenge Kokoro to a fight after she ruins his lunch given to him by his friends. 
06 "Seriously, Carry it with Me!!"

"Maji de Watashi to Katsuginasai!!"(真剣で私とかつぎなさい!!)

November 06, 2011
Yamato and friends engage in a Kanamara Matsuri battle. 
07 "Seriously, Put up with Me!!"

"Maji de Watshi ni Tsukiainasai!!"(真剣で私につきあいなさい!!)

November 13, 2011
Momoyo is annoyed after she see Yamato spending time with the other 4 girls. 
08 "Seriously, Explain Your Situation!!"

"Maji de Jijou wo Setsumei Shinasai!!"(真剣で事情を説明しなさい!!)

November 20, 2011
The Episode starts off right where the other episode ended; Momoyo Kawakami and Takae Tachibana continue their duel, which causes massive damage to their surroundings. With the help of her subordinate, Saki Mimori, Tachibana is able to take out the rest of the girl’s leaving her and Momoyo to go one on one; you then learn about Tachibana’s history through a series of flash forwards in between major clips from their fight. Due to her powers of self healing failing her Momoyo starts to get reckless as she fights; causing a stray missile to hurtle towards Yamato, injuring him severely. 
09 "Seriously, Come Out to Me!!"

"Maji de Watashi ni Kaminguauto shinasai!!"(真剣で私にカミングアウトしなさい!!)

November 27, 2011
All the girls declare their love for Yamato. Another showdown with Takae Tachibana begins. 
10 "Seriously, Clash with Me!!"

"Maji de Watshi to Butsukarinasai"(真剣で私とぶつかりなさい!!)

December 4, 2011
Momoyo battle Takae while Yamato and the other girls fight Takae's subordinate. At the end of the battle Momoyo is confronted for her rejection of Yamato's confession. 
11 "Seriously, Sortie with Me!!"

"Maji de Watashi to Shutsugeki shinasai!!"(真剣で私と出撃しなさい!!)

December 11, 2011
As Yamato wonder whether the country he is living in is worth protecting. Kazuko, Miyako, Yukie and Christiane all challenge Momoyo to a fight over the right to love Yamato. 
12 "Seriously, Fall in Love with Me!!"

"Maji de Watashi ni Koi shinasai!!"(真剣で私に恋しなさい!!)

December 18, 2011
The whole Kazama family and their allies face off against the enemies in front of the prime minister's residence. At the end the girls push Yamato into a tough spot. As a result. He confesses his love for his hermit crabs. So the girls would not get mad at him for choosing one of them. 


Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! has an opening theme and three ending themes. The opening, "It Doesn't Hurt to be Slashed by Love" is sung by Yuu Asakawa, Akane Tomonaga, Hyo-sei, Yuko Goto and Shizuka Ito, while the endings are "Akane Sora" (茜空?) sung by Kotoko, "Fuyu Hanabi" (冬花火?) sung by Hyo-sei, and "Bushi" (武士?) sung by Hiroshi Kitadani.

The name of the anime's opening theme is "U-n-d-e-r--STANDING!" and the name of the ending theme is "Kimi no Maji o Chōdai!! Copied from:!