Frank Friedrich (フランク フリードリヒ) is the father of Christiane Friedrich.




Despite being in a position in the military he has great love for his daughter. Too much in fact, since he in always looking after her. He is very overprotective of Chris, fiercely against males getting close to her and those who would harm her. Even to the point of getting the army he commands involved.

Abilities and Skills

Being born into a military household he is trained in the art of war. During his younger days he stood on the front lines of the battlefield as a warrior, but as he got older he now takes a commanding position. He specializes in air battles specifically planes as shown when he beats several people over a game and simulation

When using his technique to make himself younger he brings himself back to his peak fighting potential. He was able to engage Matsunaga Tsubame during the mock battles.

As a commanding sergeant officer he has control over the German army. To be in such a position he must have the required strategic skills and leadership befitting the title.