Hachiya Issuke (鉢屋 壱助) is a ninja and a member of the Ten Warriors of the East. Due to his families' techniques where they use a womans charm against the enemy he has kept his viginity ever since to the point of worship


Hachiya sports an all black improvised ninja outfit consisting of a black zippered shirt, under that is a black long sleeved shirt with arm guards, a black scarf and black hood and headband.Under all that he has blond hair and gray eyes


A skilled but incredibly gullible ninja who is willing to trust even his enemies. While one of the more capable Warriors, his easily fooled nature makes him easy to manipulate.

Abilities and Skills

As a ninja, Hachiya is as a covert agent or mercenary that is willing to work for anyone with power or the money to afford his services. He is a master of epsionage and sabotage although in the series he hasn't been seen fight in combat. His specialty lies in sabotage where he uses deceit to defeat his enemies though he mostly renders his enemies unable to fight him before the beginning. Since his family has techniques where they use a woman's charm he also uses these techniques like one time in the VN where he disguises as a women and kiss his target only to input a powerful laxative rendering him unable to move with their skills he has kept his viginity ever since