Haguro Kuroko (羽黒 黒子) is character introduced in Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!! a student belonging in class 2-F at Kawakami Academy.


Haguro has dark skin with bright colored lips. Her appearance is based on your stereotypical gyaru girls that have blond hair (not known whether it's natural or not) and her hair style where her front bangs are tied upwards her head, she also wears multiple yellow ribons


Haguro is a girl who is blunt and open to what she wants often commenting on others based on her opinion to the point where almost everyone can't stand her . Whenever there's an attractive guy around she starts talking about how she wants to rape them, or talks about how she'd totally sell herself out for money or all sorts of things


Haguro follows her father's footsteps and enters the wrestling world where she achieves success as a Heel wrestler who is famous for her skills and and entertainment.