"I'm meant to shine brightly in the sky!"- Kokoro Fushikawa

Fushikawa Kokoro (不死川 心)


Species: Human
Blood Type: O
Birthday: July 2
Sign: Cancer

Height: 158 cm (5'2")

Measures: 78 - 52 - 75
Place of Origin: Japan
Class: 2-S

Fushikawa Kokoro (不死川 心) is a fictional character in Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai! Kokoro is a student in Kawakami Academy. She comes from one of the three noble families of Japan.

Kokoro Fushikawa (心 不死川) is one of the main heroines or love interests for Yamato Naoe in Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai! S. She is a student in Kawakami Academy who also comes from one of the three noble families of Japan.

She doesn't have a good relationship with the members of class 2-F as she considers them inferior monkeys and loves to show her superiority to them.

Yamato tends to put her in her place when she bullies him or his friends. When this happens, Kokoro usually asks for help from Aoi Touma or Kuki Hideo to get revenge for her.

Kokoro is the main instigator of the Kawakami War as her harsh and critical views of 2-F are usually shared throughout 2-S. However, she has no problem voicing her opinions, and is ignorant of her ruining the peace proposal between 2-S and 2-F after the exams, blaming 2-F for the breakdown, even though it was her insults that spurred 2-S to condemn 2-F.

Kokoro doesn't like the uniform of the school, and she prefers to go in her high-class Kimono, to show the difference in class between her and the rest. Though, in her route in Majikoi S, she sometimes wears the school uniform after dropping out of 2-S and getting into 2-F.


Kokoro has long, black hair that is styled into a twin tails and bun hairstyle and purple eyes.

Kokoro almost always wears a high-class Kimono due to her loyal lineage status of her family.


Kokoro comes from one of the three noble families of Japan and likes to brag about her noble lineage. She claims that her body is the "personification of Japanese beauty." Due to her family's nobility status, Kokoro often has a hard time understanding the "peasant" (referring to the society which is not as noble as her's) life, which often annoys anyone who is not in her league, even for class 2-S students, especially Jun Inoue, whom she often antagonizes.

However, it is revealed in her route and slightly in Margit's route that despite her arrogance and brashness, she is a sensitive and lonely girl who has no friends and secretly wishes to have them, which is one of the reasons Yukie Mayuzumi wanted to genuinely be friends with her. Unfortunately, due to her upbringing, her proud nature and her hatred of being looked down upon by others, this often gets in the way of her making friends. But when her trust is earned, she is a genuinely kind girl who likes to take care of those she likes.

Abilities and Skills

Kokoro is a judo master trained in Fushikawa styke, which she has shown throughout the series, especially in the Visual Novel. Though she rarely fights because she doesn't like to get hurt.

Judo Expert: Kokoro specializes in Judo techniques especially throws, joint locks and submissions. Her style mostly relies on technique rather on strength that's why some people can escape her hold if they're strong or skilled enough like when she held on to Haou only to fail when she couldn't move her


Kokoro Fushikawa vs. Christiane Friedrich

Iron Fan: She uses her fan that she keeps in her bosom as a means of a defensive trump card for people who can figure out the weakness of her style like when she fought against Miyako Shiina who Kokoro has a weakness against because Miyako specializes in range rather than close combat, therefore she uses the fan to deflect projectiles or weapons. 



  • The name Kokoro means "heart, mind, soul" (心).
  • In Majikoi! and Majikoi S!, Kokoro engages both in nipple licking and is a subject of spanking by Yamato Naoe.
  • In Episode 1, it is noted that there is a brief clip when Yamato Naoe sends a viral clip of himself spanking Kokoro during the conflict, demanding she beg the other leader for forgiveness. This demoralizes the enemy force and causes some of the troops from Class S to switch to Class F,
  • In the visual novel, Kokoro's kimono is bright ping with flower patterns while in the anime it's mix with dark pink and without the flower patterns around the sleeves.
  • Kokoro is usually the victim of Jun's remarks for his love of little girls because out of all the student's of 2-S she is the closest one to a loli.
  • Kokoro's favorite food is Udon where her favorite kind is Tsukimi Udon (Moon Viewing Udon), which is a noodle soup with poached eggs and she is also fond of lollipops, despite calling them a 'commoner's snack'.
  • In her route, Kokoro mentions that her hobby is doll making, which is shown when she makes miniature hermit crab dolls for Yamato. She also likes making shadow puppets, which is shown in her route and Yukie Mayuzumi's after route in Majikoi! S.
  • In a recent popularity poll on Minatosoft's website, of the current female characters in the series, Kokoro was ranked #7, slightly edging out Momoyo Kawakami by about 245 votes.
    • In the original Majikoi! popularity poll, of the female characters, she was ranked #6.