"The willow bends, but it does not break... I will not lose!"
Lu Yi

Lu Yi (イー ル) is a PE Teacher and martial artist at Kawakami Academy. He is also the current assistant master in Kawakami Temple, assisting Tesshin in his duties.


Despite looking around late 20's, he's actually 43 years old, probably because of Martial arts. He is usually seen with his eyes close most of the time even when displeased. The only time he ever opens his eyes is when he try to announce something in a loud voice (like thinking of a name for a ultimate technique) and when fighting. His pupils appear to be white.

In Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! S, after getting his own sprite in the new game, Tsubame asked why he was always in a weird pose. Momoyo then explained that it made it easier for him to gather energy.


He is a very kind and diligent person and is well liked among the people of Kawakami city. Lu appears to be strict in training and will thoroughly carry out his duty. He was the light in Kawakami Temple while Shakadou was considered the darkness of it. He seems to not get along with women and sake well, but at one point when the students were considering the possibility for Lu to get together with Kojima Umeko, Usami Kyojin rejected the possibility and revealed that "he didn't have sex that he didn't pay for" meaning that he probably lost his virginity to a prostitute. He is said to be a very hard worker since strength didn't run in his blood, he did possess talent, but it was nothing without hard work. He's also honest about his work and likes to write things in a note.

Abilities and Skills

He is the Kawakami Temple Assistant Instructor and is incredibly powerful being a "Over the wall" in strength. He is strong enough to fight on equal grounds with Rinchuu who is also an "Over the wall" strength herself, Youshi and Shishin. Kiriyama Koi has stated that he would rank #4 in combat, if he was in Kuki. In Agave route in the first game, it is revealed that he defeated Shakadou in the past with the Gentle Fist while drunk, meaning that his strength and technique greatly enhances after drinking, but since then, he improved by leaps and bounds since it is shown that he successfully purged Shakadou sober at the end of the Agave route.


Even 40 years later, Lu is still active as a teacher and instructor at the Kawakami Temple.