- Maji koi A-1 is a fandisk created by Minato-soft that was released in January 18, 2013 , featuring Benkei, Azumi and Sayaka as the heroines with their own stories in this series



New Characters

Character Appearances (To add more characters)

★ Appeared - ★★ Antagonist - ★★★ Protagonist / Heroine

# Characters Benkei's route Azumi's route Sayaka's route
1 Momoyo
2 Kazuko
3 Miyako
4 Chris
5 Yukie
6 Mayo
7 Chika
8 Umeko
9 Yamato ★★★ ★★★ ★★★
10 Shoichi
11 Gakuto
12 Takuya
13 Tadakatsu
14 Yonpachi
15 Suguru
16 Kumagai
17 Kyojin
19 Azumi ★★★
20 Hideo
21 Jun


  • Maro is shown to be a lolicon with a voice fetish in Sayaka's route
  • All of the A-1 heroines have called Yamato the "Bed Yakuza"
  • In one of the end game skits, Taisei shows a chart on Yukie's current list of friends where all of the Kazama Family and Iyo are her friends with the exception of Tadakatsu only being an acquaintance
  • One of the 5 heavenly archers named Robin that was mentioned in one of the skits in Maji koi S is possibly the same person in the timeskip in Azumi's route as a Kuki servant working under Yamato
  • Yamato uses the game's own title to flirt with Azumi (Maji de Ore ni koi shinasai)
  • When Yamato found Chorou's porn magazine stash, one of them was titled " The Invincible Hegemon falls for the pervy Tactiician's traps" is a reference to Haou being Hegemon and Yamato as her tactician which reflects their relationship in A-2 in her own route