"I am right. I am the absolute justice."


Margit Eberbach (マルギッテ・エーベルバッハ) is one of the heroines and love interests of Naoe Yamato in Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai! S and A-5. She is an military officer of the German Army and a member of the Seven Stars, working under the direct command of Frank Friedrich, father of Christiane Friedrich.

Most of her missions involve locating and exterminating a target which has earned her the nickname "The Hound" and "Europen Prodigy". She specializes in CQC (Close Quarters Combat) and uses a pair of custom-made wooden tonfas to fight. Margit, like other highly skilled combatants, can measure the strength of a person by their stance and aura.



Margit transferred to Kawakami Academy to take care of Christiane Friedrich, while Chris is enrolled in the academy (under the request/order from Frank), she cared and frequently worried about Chris, since she had knew her from an early age.

She has a sister relationship with Chris, who affectionately calling her "Maru".

Even though she's already graduated from high school, Margit was allowed to enter class 2-S, because Kawakami Academy values strength of the people more than anything. But she refuses to use the uniform of the academy, and prefers to use her military uniform.

Majikoi! S

Margit has returned to Germany to report her current mission and is in a conversation with her boss, Frank Friedrich, and has been assigned another assignment of locating and disposing of any men after his daughter. The two likely suspects, Shouichi Kazuma and Yamato Naoe, are the only men that can be considered people that can be in a relationship with Chris, but Cap't denied that fact for he has no interest in women, so Yamato is left as the only suspect. As days go by while investigating Yamato, she has been liking him more as a man, but kept on denying this feeling until Frank himself, came to Japan to personally investigate Yamato with Margit by taking him somewhere remote. During the interrogation he held his gun, stating that he was "cleaning it", then he asked "do you have a relationship with my daugher?" with no way out he called out to Margit, saying that he likes her, surprising them both, mostly Margit. Frank gives them his blessing and gives them the entire day alone with each other.

During their beach date, the two enjoyed each other company, to the point Margit let's Yamato refer to her using her nickname. At the end of the day Margit enjoyed her time with Yamato, but after Yamato reminded that they'll return after this, Margit implied, she was happy that she gets to experience the date with Yamato and getting treated as a normal girl for once, because she was a soldier she insisted him to remember this as a one time, hearing this, Yamato did whatever he could to convince her and succeeded, but it was just the beginning.

Majikoi A-5

Several weeks has passed since the event in Majikoi S, Yamato and Margit relationship are mostly kept as a secret, other than some people and the Kazama Family know about the them, as if word of their civilian and special forces relationship got leaked, it would only risk trouble. Later in the story, Margit was given a mission to return to Germany for two weeks, when she told this to Yamato, the two decided to go a private beach for another date before she leave, after the date ended, Margit returned back to Germany.

Margit went back as the leader of her unit and was given the assignment of eliminating terrorists, the mission was a success but her movements were sluggish and her subordinates noticing this, suspects it's the cause of her lover, Yamato. Two of her subordinates: Lisa Brinker and Cosima Lorbach, visited Japan in order to test the man. Lisa kidnapped Yamato and lead him to a hotel to find out if he is unfaithful or not, but not only did she fail, she was assaulted and Yamato even whispers Margit's name as he was overdose with the drug that Lisa shot onto him, while Cosima tested him in term of strength, Yamato won by relying on his wits to overcome her monstrous strength, therefore earning their trust. Margit learns about there test from Chris since Cosima went to Kawakami Academy to face Yamato. Upon learning of how Lisa drug Yamato and was assaulted by him, Yamato has no memory of the event due too the drugs. Margit proceed to punish Lisa.


Margit has red eyes with slit pupils, and long red hair that goes past her waist (some would consider her hair to be 'fiery' in appearance as a result as well). She mainly uses her military uniform. Margit has an eye-patch covering her left eye to restrict her own power and only takes it off when she finds a worthy opponent.

In A-5 she wears her Hound uniform as well as sporting a general coat as a cape and with her sheathed tonfas.


As an soldier of the Germany military, Margit is loyal and extremely serious with her missions. When she was young, she was chosen by Frank Friedrich because of her hardworking nature, being called a prodigy by her peers, because of this she is prideful of her rank and strength. She is also very protective, especially towards Chris, since she is her superior, Frank's daughter. She tends to talk in a forceful manner yet sometimes gentle like a mother who's harsh but only because she cares for her children. Her personality changes in A-5 while she is still serious she has become more kinder towards everyone else noted by everyone. She is also shown to be easily jealous towards other girls if they praise Yamato. It was revealed that she likes to think of herself as a Hound.

Because Margit has been a soldier her entire life, her life's experience didn’t give her the confidence to be considered a cute/beautiful woman, due to this, she has a soft side and is weak to girlish flattery such as cute, which has only been seen by Chris and Yamato, and it is revealed in her route that one of her dreams is to live as a normal girl. But, Margit is not so easy to fall as she is an excellent judge of character.

She likes eggs and egg dishes. She also has a sweet tooth, possibly due to Chris and Frank Friedrich's influence, though she has said that consuming sweets helps with your thinking.

Powers and Abilities

Because she was trained in the military since she was little, she has been shown as one of the most powerful character. Combined with her natural talent in calculation, she soon earned her name The Hound and also became one of the strongest people in Europe. She is also one of the smartest as shown throughout the series as she is usually placed 4th during exams. Also because she has so many talents she was later placed in the S-Class to secretly watch over Chris. Other than that she has also some abilities like:

Immense Strength: During her stay in Europe, her strength was so overwhelming that she had to handicap herself so she could enjoy a fight longer. Because of her eye-patch, her vision is limited so it restricts her strength. Only when she meets worthy opponents or when getting serious does she take off her eye-patch. When it is removed, her aura changes and her strength and speed are several times greater. Her personality also changes becoming more fierce and predatory. It has been said by Chris that she could fight equally against her, but when she takes it off, Chris is not sure if she can win. It is also noted that Margit and Azumi are equally matched when Margit has her eye-patch on. But when she takes it off, she would probably win against her. She even fight on par with Benkei Musashibou and Momoyo Kawakami for a short time.

Master Tonfa Wielder:  Margit uses mainly her tonfas in battle. She has been shown to be very strong and fierce when fighting with them as if they are part of her body.  Also Margit herself has mentioned that her guard with her tonfa is as strong as a castle wall. She can also throw her tonfas with great precision. 


Bad Cook: Even though she has many talents, she is a very bad cook. During her own route in Majikoi S, she stated that she doesn't know how to cook for herself and that she mostly uses military food. She confirmed the reason for this is because since she is a soldier in the military, she doesn't need to be a good cook. In Majikoi S and A-5 however, Margit becomes a decent cook too the point that Frank and Chris like her cooking and Yamato wanting more of her homemade cooking.


The fighting techniques that she has been using so far in the Majikoi! S story.

Tonfa Shoot: Margit throws her tonfa into the enemy or their weapon. Used against Homura Ootomo during the East-West Exchange War to jam her cannon before it could fire in the common route.

Tonfa Maelstrom: Margit attacks her opponent rapidly with her tonfas, ending with strikes that launch them into the air behind her. Used against Ootomo Homura during the East-West Exchange War in the common route.



  • Margit has shared the battlefield many times with Azumi Oshitari (personal maid of Kuki Hideo), who is also known as "Queen Bee". They have also both mentioned that they not only fought side by side, but against each other in the past.
  • Margit, along with Gyoubu Shakadou (Kazama Family arch nemesis) is also a member of the Seven Stars, a secret fighting group led by Frank Friedrich in Chris's Route.
  • In the final popularity poll on Minatosoft's website for Majikoi! A, of the current female characters in the series, Margit is ranked #1 with 2,640 votes. In the first Majikoi! A poll, she was also ranked #1, beating Tsubame Matsunaga by over 9000 votes. In the Majikoi! S poll, she was ranked #3. And in the original Majikoi! poll, she was ranked #8.
  • Her Tarot Card Arcana is the Chariot.
  • During her route, it is stated that she is extremely compatible with Yamato as lovers.
  • Depending on the choices in Margit's afterstory in A-5 can either marry Margit or be in a harem with Margit and her 5 subordinates.