Marple (マープル) is a character introduced in Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai ! S is a veteran servant of the Kuki family. She is ranked #2 between the maids and butlers of the Kuki group.


Marple has an average height of an old woman. Her body proportion is slim all in a while her skin is pale. She seems to be wearing a Gothic attire aligned on top of her upper chest a brooch.


Marple herself has the habit of going against the opinion of others and to complain about any events that occur around them especially if it involves the young. Such people are quite difficult to please. Though she is stubborn at her age, she is actually one of the most intelligent servant among the Kukis. She is quite a mystery as no one know what she's planning.

Abilities and Skills

She is known as the "Stars of Library" and has a vast knowledge also being able to learn almost anything. An example is when she learn "Mephistopheles" which is said to be used by a certain family (Friedrich) in Germany that makes them look younger. She is also very smart, possibly being the smartest person in the series. Some examples are when Azumi stated that it can take a few days for her to screw up the stock markets and make people life more miserable (Koyuki Route), being responsible for cloning Yoshitsune and the other heroes, being crafty enough that Claudio and Hume need to be wary of her because they don't know what's she thinking.

Her combat abilities remains a mystery. The only techniques she used are "Mephistopheles' and "Shotgun"that where shown when they were in a snow fight which fired multiple snowball's at once. It could be assumed that she is very skilled, since she hit Hume in the face with a snowball, although he let his guard down. She is #2 in the Kuki servants and the 2nd highest ranking elder beside Hume who is #0.



  • She was Ms. London when she was younger