Mayo Amakasu (真与 甘粕) is a student in Kawakami Academy. She is the class rep of class 2-F. Because of that, her classmates call her "Inchou," which is the abbreviated way of saying class rep in Japanese. Her best friend is Chika Ogasawara. They usually go shopping together and hang out around the town.

She comes from a poor family, and some of the students in class 2-S bullied her about this. But they were knocked out by Kazuko Kawakami and Jun Inoue, and they never dared to do so again.

Even though she is 19 years old, she has the appearence of a elementary student. Touma Aoi has said she is one of the few people in class 2-F who is capable of being in class 2-S.

Jun Inoue has a crush on her because of his lolicon complex, and usually treats her gently.

She has a sub route in the original Majikoi! Visual Novel.


Mayo has pale skin, pink eyes, and pink hair tied into pigtails. She has the appearance of an elementary student despite being older than she looks.


Her personality is very kind and friendly. Because of her good nature, she has a good relationship with her classmates and the rest of the students in the academy. She is one of the few people who wants to make peace with class 2-S. She also likes to act like an older sister to everyone in her class because she is the oldest there. However, because of her childlike appearance, she is usually not taken seriously. Nevertheless, she has been shown to be wise beyond her years and has earned the respect of everyone in class 2-F.


Mayo enters the workforce after school while looking after her large family. She gets into a car accident involving a drunken driver but makes a full recovery. Her younger siblings also enter the workforce making the burden easier on her. She is said to be living a happy life with her family.