Mikado Kuki (帝九 鬼) is a character introduced in Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai S! but he later officially appears in Majikoi-A-2. He is the chairman of the Kuki Corporation that was already already widely famous into the world's most powerful company and the father of two children from each woman:


Mikado does as he pleases and thinks if everyone is happy, then that's adequate. He's always the in first line to take command and doesn't hesitate to take new things in to always go ahead.

He does lose quite often but always win when it's important.

It's hard to track him down because he's always travelling around the world.

It is even commentated by Yamato Naoe that he is like Cap't in terms of luck and personality


During Mikado's younger days, he was a delinquent outlaw that caused the the people associated with Kuki to lament the companies future, but he gets his act together and leads the company as he grew up.

Abilities and Skills

Mikado is loved by fortune and luck that he was even able to dodge Hyumu Hellsing and Marple's attack in Majikoi A-2 (though it's mentioned that Hyumu wasn't serious) only to be hit by Yamato Naoe because he let his guard down

He also trains a lot in secret because he thinks it's uncool to show himself doing efforts.


  • The name Mikado means "Emperor" (帝).
  • Mikado's surname Kuki means "nine" (九) (ku) and "demon" (鬼) (ki).


  • Mikado never stays in one place for a day that only Tsubone Kuki knows where he is
  • Mikado is one of the characters that appeared from the prequel games, but he is only shown as a voice.