Nanjou Michelle Torako (南條・M・虎子) a character inroduced in Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai but only as a voice, but she has appeared with a sprite in the sequel. She is the student council president in Kawakami Academy.


Toraka has blue eyes, violet hair and light brown skin.

She is always seen wearing a headress  that a chief in tribes around the world would usually wear.


Torako is a carefree, and energetic person to her classmates though she can be strange at times. She has an action oriented personality which made her Student Council President.

Abilities and Skills

She uses Koppo, which is a method of fighting that specializes in the control and destruction of bone and cartilage. She isn't strong enough to take on someone like Yoshitsune Minamoto, but has defeated Ukon Shima after some unintentional help from Saki Naoe.

She is also the current Student Council President. Meaning she must be liked by the students and has the skills worthy of the position. True to that, she is the #1 student in her class (3-F) by tests scores, beating Tsubame Matsunaga who is #3, hinting a lot about her intellectual capacity.

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