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"Understand that the reason why I was born was all in order to protect you with my life."

Rinchuu (林冲) is one of the main heroines or love interests for Yamato Naoe in Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A-4. Rinchuu is also one of the 3 members of Ryouzanpaku as she made an appearance for the first time ever during Tsubame's route where she is seen together with Youshi and Shishin watching the tournament of Kawakami. She and together with her other fellow members of Ryouzanpaku didn't play a major role in it. During Koyuki's route in Majikoi! S, she did play a big role in it together with Youshi and Shishin.

She lives in the mountains in China together with other Ryouzanpaku members where they live, train, and work there. Together with the other members, they work as a mercenary group in which they fight for money as revealed during Koyuki's route.

Rinchuu is also a main target for Youshi's pervert actions. Always asking her to watch of sniff her panties and even asking to give her panties to her, in which she always makes Rinchuu cry of getting troubled by it.

She together with Youshi and Shishin are considered elite members within Ryouzanpaku. Their combined strength was revealed to be easily on par with master-class people like Momoyo. During Koyuki's route they could easily hold their ground against Lu-sensei who is also considered a strong master-class fighter. Shishin, Youshi, and herself are skilled fighters and 3 of them combined fighting together are on the same level of an 'Assistant instructor' Lu, and can take on an 'over the wall' strength person.


Rinchuu is a very nice and friendly girl always trying her best in the things she does. Between Youshi and Shishin she is the most serious when doing her job. She also seems to be a crybaby as seen where she easily cries when Youshi sexually harasses her or when she fails to do her job. Rinchuu is also quite honorable and obsessed with protecting those who she holds dear due to something that has happened to her in her past as shown where she let Koyuki go after she saw her determination to protect Yamato at all costs(even if she was one of the targets on their list) during Koyuki's route.

Story (Majikoi! A-4)

Rinchuu, Shishin. Youshi, Kousonshou (new face) and 2 new characters make their first appearances in Kawakami Academy.

June of 2009

Just as Yoshitsune and the clones begin to integrate into Kawakami Academy, the school receives a sudden transfer of students. Rinchuu, Shishin, Youshi, Kousonshou, and Bushou. These girls are from Ryouzanpaku, a mercenary group that existed for thousands of years..

Hearing that Kawakami is a place where martial artists gather and come to study. They cross the ocean and request admission. Tesshin happily accepted them as transfer students. Although these girls carry ulterior motives for their coming to Kawakami Academy.

Rinchuu who has transferred to class 2-F observes Naoe Yamato and tells him 'I am interested in you'.

A new storm is going to occur at the Kawakami Academy.


She has violet colored eyes and pale skin. She has black hair growing past waist length and has spiky bangs. She wears her hair in a ponytail and has spiky bangs. Rinchuu is mostly seen wearing a backless Chinese dress with detached sleeves and thigh high stockings.

Abilities and Skills

Being one of the elite members of Ryouzanpaku her skills are far above most members. Having learned the Original Ryouzanpaku techniques like the other members, she is exceptionally skilled in both hand to hand combat and with utilizing weapons. She is especially well-versed in using her spear. With her spear, she can effectively use it for both combat oriented purposes such as defense and offensive purposes with great speed and power. Her skills are great enough that together with Youshi and Shishin they can fight on par with master-class levels like Momoyo. Individually, her skills are great enough to easily defeat one of the" ten warriors of the west" in one blow while fighting both Miyako and Koyuki. Koyuki stated that her skill are way above her and Miyako. She also easily knock Chris who was enraged away while Shishin had a hard time against her (although she probably let her guard down.). She is also strong enough to challenge Tsubame with confidence, who has a bounty of 3000L. Tsubame stated that she's not a opponent you can fight while taking it easy.

Monster-strength: Her strength is great enough to send some-like like Chris flying a back several meters even when she had her guard up. Also according to Ootomo Homura when Rinchuu defeated her in one blow, Ootome mentioned that her physical strength is in the same class as Kawakami Momoyo, meaning her strength is 'over the wall'.

Expert Spear-user: She as stated earlier is a proficient weapon user especially when using her spear. Which she can easily use it for both offense and defense. When at the offense she uses her great power and speed to beat her opponents.

Expert Ki-sensor: Like the other members of Ryouzanpaku she is able to sense Ki. Easily sensing someone's presence like Lu-sensei coming over and Chris approaching from Kawakami Temple across the Tama Bridge to their location.

High-endurance: As shown during Koyuki's route, her endurance is quite remarkably high. A few examples throughout the route are: standing up after taking a suicide technique from Ootome Homura and after that still being able to fight both Miyako and Koyuki head on for a little while even when she was injured from her previous battle, although she wasn't focused on the battle and more focused on protecting the client (Marple).

Future Sight: During Rinchu's route in Majikoi A-4, it is revealed that when Rinchu and her friend was training in the mountain, Rinchu was injured by an attack by a tiger and was saved at the cost of her friend's life. Rinchu's friends eyes were transplanted unto her and along with its abilities, which while activated allowed Rinchu to see a few seconds into the future. Rinchu is highly proficient in its use that she is able to overwhelm Shibunkyou in battle.



  • Rinchuu Yan
    She is the only person to ever express "Dull Eyes of Unhappiness", when a character in anime or manga is feeling sad, very tired, depressed, or about to snap, their eyes lose all the natural shine and have the appearance of being lifeless. It happens when Yamato makes it very clear he doesn’t intend to let Rinchuu protect him from everything throughout his entire life. She then declares her love for him, knocks him out, and takes him to a mountain lodge so she can protect him further. Despite making it clear he could call for help or escape, Yamato devotes the next month to showing off his survival skills to show Rinchuu he is not completely incapable of taking care of himself.
  • Her drive to protect those whom she holds dear comes from a past failure where she failed to protect her dear friend from an accident where she died. 
  • During Koyuki's route she stated that she wanted to meet the people of Kawakami as allies next time instead of being their enemy.
  • In the final popularity poll on Minatosoft's website for Majikoi! A, of the current female characters in the series, Rinchuu is ranked #7. In the first Majikoi! A poll, she was ranked #3. And in the Majikoi! S poll, she was ranked #9.
  • If you translate Rinchuu name 林冲, it is Lin Chong (Water Margin Character ranking 6th of the 36 Heavenly Spirits out of the 108 Liangshin warriors).
  • She is stated to be similar to Minamoto Yoshistune.