Sakura Kugenuma (さくら鵠沼) is a cute girl who works at a flower shop in Shakadou-san no Jun’ai Road. She named her flowers Civilian Patrol Unit 2. She’s popular with older men and often called "Mother" because her behavior doesn't fit her age.

Story (Shakadou-san no Junai Road)

In Shakadou-san no Junai Road, it is revealed that he grew up in the Okinawa region. He finds himself wandering Shounan after leaving Kawakami. He came across some punks who try to pick on him because middle aged men are the preferred target of Yankees before he beats them up. Then he makes them find him a place under the bridge to stay, and he loses all his money. He meets a cute girl named Kugenuma Sakura, who works at a flower shop. They eat some mapo curry because mapo curry is great. After spending some time together, they got to know each other better while going to many places in Shounan and somehow Sakura became really attached to Shadakou.

So, Sakura gets kidnapped by some guy Miyoshi who works in the same company and shady government stuff Shakadou actually used to work in as Shakadou called "The Cabinet Investigation Room Disposal Section". Shakadou beats him up as they basically do dirty works for the country. She ran off to grab a first-aid kit. After this ordeal was dealt with, Shakadou finally gets a stable job at a restaurant, wearing a hat and apron that screams minimum wage. His Jun’ai road has begun! Due to one single girl, young enough to be his daughter!