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Sheila Colombo (シェイラ コロンボ) is a character introduced in Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai A-3 and is the main antagonist in Stacy's route . She was a mercenary known as "Poisonous Spider (Doku Kumo)".

After being scouted by Kuki's Zozma, Sheila leaves her life as a mercenary to work at Kuki, wanting a higher wage and better lifestyle.

She now work as a maid for the Kuki


Unlike the other maids she has gotten permission to fully customize her maid uniform adding accessories to compliment herself. Sheila's uniform has more frills compared to the Kuki standard maid unifor and has a shorter skirt, and has accessories that has cat like ears and a tail. She has pink long hair and pink eyes.


Being an idol and famous singer she has confidence in her looks. She can hold grudges as with Stacey after she got stabbed by her during her mercenary days. She is someone that will do anything do get what she wants even attempting to steal Yamato from Stacy in her own route just by having sex with him

Abilities and Skills

Shiera is able to produce 255 variations of poisons within her body. On top of that she is able to "see" poisons, being able to identify poison in what to others see as clear water. Being a former mercenary before becoming a part of the Kuki force she has a certain amount of strength and knowledge in fighting.


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