Shishin (史進) is one of the 3 members of Ryouzanpaku that appears in Majikoi S . She play a major role in Koyuki's route from Majikoi! S and Rinchuu's route from Majikoi! A-4.

She lives in the mountains in China together with other Ryouzanpaku members where they live, train, and work there. Together with the other members, they work as a mercenary group in which they fight for money as revealed during Koyuki's route.

Youshi, Rinchuu, and herself are skilled fighters and 3 of them combined fighting together are on the same level of an 'Assistant instructor' Lu, and can take on an 'over the wall' strength person.


Shishin is an teenage woman who calls herself an slender beauty and wears breast pads.. Her hair is dark brown and has green eyes. Her hair is in a tail fashion. She, the same as the other Ryouzanpaku members wear an Chinese outfit suited for combat and in her own style.


She can most likely be considered the most typical out of the 3 members, correcting things and stating if it is out of average; she herself does seem to care that her breasts are below average and wears breast pads to make them look bigger. She also dodges the question if someone notice she has breast pads. She believes that she is the world best staff user and believing she can beat almost anyone, although almost getting beaten down by Chris (who stated she and her level is in a different level) and got beaten down by Tatsuko (saying beside her power, everything is on beginner level). She also cares for her friend and sighs when Rinchuu cry at almost everything, and also sighs at Youshi being too much of a pervert.

In A-4, It has been shown that her impression is very different from "Koyuki route", she is a trouble maker and likes to always be in action doing something, although mostly battle. She is not seen as an arrogant person. She also abandons her order and challenge Momoyo, and was  sent like a star, although feeling satisfied. She also seems to care for people, in a shy way where she would visit Chris and Miyako later when everyone is done as stated by Youshi. She also have trouble hiding secrets as when Yamato commented that is she hiding something, she got hyper and refuse to admit it. She is also simple, accepting Yamato's request to help with the Sports festival although it is stated by Kousonshou that it's not something that anyone can do.

Abilities and Skills

She is one of the 3 elite members of Ryouzanpaku and is probably the weakest out of the 3, since she almost got beaten down by Chris for looking down on her too much and got beaten down by Tatsuko for getting too cocky. She specialize in staff and is known as a dragon, her skills was able to make Ami question her identity and she is strong enough and has good teamwork with Rinchuu and Youshi to be able to fight on the same level of Lu and not be taken out during the fight.

In A-4 route, she appears to be stronger in an average battle. She defeated Miyako bare-handed and Chris with weapons and send them to the hospital where it will take them to over 1 month to recover. She is also strong enough that Momoyo send her flying with a full strength counter punch.

Most of her skills are normal and she did not state anything special about them except she is a skilled staff user.



  • In Majikoi S her  design had  cleavages and she states that its real while in Majikoi A-4 it was removed changing her design and she just says it's for muscle support
  • Like Rinchuu, she is also a target of Youshi's perverseness.
  • She can also sleep with her eyes open, which she does in class.
  • It is stated in the "Miyako harem-lead" 6 years later, that she listens to Yamato and yearns for him from which we can assume she has feelings for him