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Tesshin Kawakami (鉄心 川神, Kawakami Tesshin) is a character introduced in Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai is Momoyo Kawakami's grandfather and Kazuko Kawakami's adopted grandfather. He the principal of the Kawakami Academy and the Grandmaster of the Kawakami Temple.


An old man that appears to have a record of being alive during the First Sino - Japanese War. He was a teenager when the war ends in 1895, which could assume that he is over 100 years old in 2009. He is bald but has white hair, his beard is long as his arm and his eyebrows are long enough to the point where they go over his eyes. It's unknown what the color of his eyes are since he keeps them closed most of the time but when he did open them there where no pupils


He is very wise and knowledgeable. Hilariously, can also be dumb at times especially when it comes to young women and when trying to be "cool" even at his age.

Abilities and Skills

Tesshin is regarded as the strongest person in the world and is evidently one of the strongest person in the series and can unleash an attack in 0.01 seconds or faster. He avoids fighting directly most of the time and uses his Manifestation Techniques where he summons huge bodies of ki to attack his enemies with overwhelming power and speed. As the Grand Master of the Kawakami Temple he has mastered all hand-to-hand techniques and moves in the Kawakami Style except for the self created styles like Momoyo's Star Destroyer.

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