'The Kazama Family (風間ファミリー') a group of childhood friends created by Kazama Shoichi and Naoe Yamato currently consisting of 9 people with an exception of 1.


All begun when Yamato who has run away from his home encounter Shouichi who was building a castle with card box. the both of them become friends immediately.
Kazama family agace photo

Agave Photo

While Yamato and Shouichi were in elementary school they've made friends with Kazuko, Gakuto and Takuya. They used to play together, but the student of higher grades want the place where they gathered for them when Yamato heard about a strong girl in Kawakami Temple (Momoyo), and he went there to ask for her help, she accepted with the condition of Yamato becoming her little brother, Yamato agreed to the condition and Momoyo defeated all the boys who want the place where they gathered.

A little later, Momoyo Challenged Shouichi for leadership of the group with the basis of the strongest should be the leader, even thought Shouichi wasn't a rival for Momoyo, he refuse to give up, earning Momoyo respect, for not given up, and she recognize him as the leader of the group, and they were know as the Kazama Family (last name of Shouichi).
Kazama family 03

After they found an agave plant, they learned that the plant can only blossom for about every 50 years. The next days, the agave plant was going to blossom, but that night a typhoon hit the coast, and all the kids went to protect the agave plant. There they found Miyako who was trying to protect the plant by herself, with the help of everyone they managed to protect the plant. The next day, Gakuto's Mother took a photo of them in front of the plant with Yamato bringing the shy Miyako out of hiding, so she can also appear in the photo. Since then Miyako has also joined the group and became part of their family.

They continued to be friend all the way up to High School as also having a home base where they usually gathered, and make official reunions every Friday in the night.

In their second year of High School, Shouichi has the idea to add to the family two new members (Christiane Friedrich and Yukie Mayuzumi) he put the issue and in a general consensus, the rest agreed with him (even thought Miyako was against adding more member to the family).

Later in the same year, Tadakatsu Minamoto who was a friend with all of the member has also joined to the Kazama Family.

Kazama Family 04

Kazama Family in Majikoi S!


Kazama Family Anime

The Kazama Family in Anime adaption


Kazama Family Members

Yamato Naoe
Momoyo Kawakami
Miyako Shiina
Yukie Mayuzumi
Christiane Friedrich
Kazuko Kawakami
Gakuto shimazu
Gakuto Shimazu
Shouichi Kazama
Takuya Morooka
Tadakatsu Minamoto



  • Tsubame, Monshiro and Sayaka are the only people who visited their secret base despite not being members