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  • Leesan3077

    Hello everyone, this is Leesan3077 here. I hope everyone is doing well and will enjoy the Summer that will be upon us soon. Just giving you guys a quick update.

    As most Majikoi fans know, Minatosoft has been quiet these past several months, along with anyone translating the games. If anything pops up, I'll let you know. Hopefully they'll start work on A-4 soon.

    I found some pics in my archive that I'll add as soon as I can, including pics for Stacy's route in A-3. Sorry for not adding them sooner. Full time work doing physical labor tires out a guy LOL XD.

    Finally, once again, we're back to the infamously stupid topic of age, again.  A Wikia Contributor has removed the ages from the characters and left this comment in the summary:

    "Getting rid …

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  • Leesan3077

    Hello everyone, this Leesan3077.

    It has been a while since I've done anything at the wiki since most of my time is spent working, sleeping and playing a little game here and there LOL XD. But I have been keeping an eye on it from time to time and checking the edits people have made via e-mail.

    First of all, since I'll be getting some extra time off soon, I'll be adding some new stuff to the wiki. Maintenance, new pics, etc. Stay tuned for them. This time, I'll follow through.

    Secondly, as you've seen in the main page, I made a change to someone who made a change in The Big Four stuff and the girls that are involved in it. In one of the edit summaries, I made a statement when I was not at my best, and for that I sincerely apologize to the one …

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  • Leesan3077

    Hello everyone, this is Leesan3077. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer and the 4th of July holiday.

    I never thought I would have to go through this again, but it seems that a certain contributor (Or contributors if their is more than one.), changing the ages, even after I fix them. So let's try this one more time...

    Minatosoft has confirmed in ALL of their tutorials (Majikoi, Majikoi S, and Majikoi A) that the characters in the game, especially those who have routesARE' 18 AND OVER'THIS IS REGARDLESS OF HOW THEY LOOK!

    THIS IS FACT, which is the whole point of this wikia. To give the most accurate information possible on Majikoi and their characters. And before ANYONE points out characters like Mayo and Monshiro, in the original Majikoi Vis…

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  • Leesan3077

    Majikoi Age Issues

    May 14, 2013 by Leesan3077

    Hello everyone. This is Leesan3077.

    Although I've been away for a while, I do check the wiki from time to time. I'll be doing some editing in the coming weeks, in paticular to Sayaka Mayuzumi now that her route has been translated. Stay tuned.

    Also, I've noticed that their have been issues in regards to certain characters ages. Let me make it clear, Minatosoft has confirmed in their tutorial (Espcially in Majikoi S and A) that the characters in the game, especially those who have routes, are 18 and over. This is REGARDLESS OF HOW THEY LOOK.

    I do understand that most who leave comments are thinking in regards to regular high school age, which is usually 16-19. However, you need to take into account the nature of the series (This series originate…

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