Hello everyone. This is Leesan3077.

Although I've been away for a while, I do check the wiki from time to time. I'll be doing some editing in the coming weeks, in paticular to Sayaka Mayuzumi now that her route has been translated. Stay tuned.

Also, I've noticed that their have been issues in regards to certain characters ages. Let me make it clear, Minatosoft has confirmed in their tutorial (Espcially in Majikoi S and A) that the characters in the game, especially those who have routes, are 18 and over. This is REGARDLESS OF HOW THEY LOOK.

I do understand that most who leave comments are thinking in regards to regular high school age, which is usually 16-19. However, you need to take into account the nature of the series (This series originated from a Adult Visual Novel after all.), which is why Minatosoft made the warning in regards to their age. So by Minatosoft's standards in the game, the age of the characters should look like this if compared to their class:

Class 1 (Yukie, Sayaka, Monshiro) 18-19

Class 2 (Yamato, Miyako, Mayo) 19-20

Class 3 (Momoyo, Seiso) 20-21

Of course, there are certain exceptions to these rules. And certain characters ages have been confirmed (Margit and Umeko are 21 and 28, respectively. Both of which were confirmed in the Visual Novel.). But this is how they look. This is why most characters on the official website only have their birthday shown and not their age. So when I have a moment, for those who DO NOT have an age stated in their character profile (I will check them all when I have time.), their ages will be changed according to class and Minatosoft's confirmation in the game. To those who make an edit to ages for the characters, make sure you add the source to the Edit Summary so it can be checked and confirmed. This is important. After all, we are trying to make the info in this wikia 100% accurate in all medias (Visual Novel, Manga and Anime).

I thank all of you who visit and help with this wikia. Let's all do our best to make it great for old and new Majikoi fans. Later for now :)!