So right now I'm not as active as I used to be due to my limited use of the internet, but even without internet access I'd use my free time to find more info that I can input to the wiki.

Also I have filed an adoption form since June 30  and I plan to be an admin if I were to be accepted, because I want to improve the Wiki as much as I possibly can and I'm even willing to learn stuff I don't even know to do that. I decided this ever since I saw the front page of the Wiki last week and I couldn't edit it since the current admin isn't even active anymore. The new Wiki improvements that has the new community page gave me an easier way to apply for adoption of this Wiki making it simpler for me. 

About the spites I said last blog, I did finish the 2nd half which was 5000+ and it was worth it but the first half is what surprised me the most too  since it was 15000,15000 MAN that's 3 times as much as the 2nd half and that is just peachy. Most of that are from the girls of the Kazama Family too. I finished Momoyo and now I'm with Kazuko but she seriously has the most too so I've been taking my time with it. Here are their numbers:

Momoyo 2,500 + Finished

Kazuko 5,000 + 2500+ done

Miyako 1,300 +

Chris 1,700 +

Yukie 900+

That sums up more than 2/3 of the first half

Don't worry I still plan to finish it but I'm really procrastinating because its so much too

I hope I become an admin too so I can make the page even better for you guys