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Yumiko Yaba (矢場 弓子) is a student that also attends Kawakami academy. She is the president of Kawakami Academy's Archery Club. She is in the same class as Momoyo and also considered as one of the bishoujos in class 3-F. She is a good cook and has a crush on Touma Aoi. Even though she respect Momoyo for her strength, she doesn't like Momoyo Kawakami, calling her a "hooligan."

In the new sequel of Majikoi!, Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai! S, she has her own side route branching off of Naoe Yamato's "Future with Hermit Crabs."


Yumiko Yaba is a girl who has long, brown hair in a Hime cut and wears glasses. She has blue eyes. Yumiko is of average height, has a pale skin is quite slim. Her body is in general quite attractive to the males in Kawakami Academy.


Her personality is quite kind, as looks after her club members. Most of the time she tries to act serious but hidden in her she wants to act like a cute girl. Though serious about her club duties, she is actually an easy going girl. Her personality changes when she is near Aoi or when she lets her guard down.

Abilities and Skills

Although not really noticeably she is a quite a strong Bushido girl. Her skills lies mainly in her archery which is quite good but not at the level of the heavenly eyed archers like Miyako or Yoichi. Her fighting potential was good enough that she was also one of the targets of the 3 girls of Ryouzanpaku during the Koyuki's route.


She gets mentioned in various epilogues. She becomes a teacher at Kawakami Academy.


  • She tried many times to get Shiina Miyako to actively join the club, but Miyako only joined the club so she can be a ghost member there.
  • Like Shiina, Yumiko also tries her best to get Yoichi in the club, but like Miyako, he joined the club for the same reasons as Miyako.
  • Since Nasuno Yoichi also joined the Archery Club, this club has now 2 of the 5 heavenly eyed archers in the club.